Instant Bright Teeth

Got white teeth? Protect them from tooth decay.

TINT Instant Bright Teeth creates a protective layer to help prevent tooth enamel erosion and tooth decay. Regular use can help prevent dental caries as part of a good oral hygiene routine. It even helps give you a fabulous white smile.

Sugar and Tooth Decay

Sugary food and drink such as cola, sweets and cake, are one of the main causes of tooth decay. The sugar from these products is used by bacteria on your teeth to produce acid. This acid then breaks down the enamel on the surface of the tooth. Initially, this causes yellowing as the white enamel is broken down to reveal brown dentine. Eventually, the bacteria reach the dentine, breaking it down and causing issues such as cavities. More information on tooth decay can be foundĀ here.

TINT Instant Bright Teeth

TINT Instant Bright Teeth, as well as bringing out the illusion of whiter teeth, provides a protective barrier against acid on your teeth. This means that when sugar gets onto the teeth and is used by bacteria, the acid produced is blocked by TINT, rather than attacking and eroding your enamel. This helps you maintain healthy teeth and also helps to stop them going yellow. If that wasn’t good enough already, TINT also acts like a gloss on your teeth to give the illusion of whiteness.

You can get TINT Instant Bright Teeth here.