About Tint

 We shouldn’t always have to wait for great things, especially when it comes to perfect smiles.

TINT is a fresh new concept, a startup company born from the realisation that the path to white teeth is unaffordable and inefficient. Sparked with the intention to look good and feel confident without having to experience the qualms of sensitivity and sore gums again, our founder found a mission.

The goal: to bring brighter and whiter smiles closer to home.

‘Whitening is bad for you’

‘It’s very expensive and can take months!’

‘You can get sensitive teeth after’

These challenges let to the simple idea…white right now. No waiting, just white teeth.

Long hours working alongside leading dentists and chemists, we found it was possible to create something brand new, a tooth gloss that enables people to have white teeth under 60 seconds. Rain or shine, day or night, the tooth gloss can be applied directly onto your teeth and removed with our lovely mentholly removal pads!

Not only does TINT allow you smile brighter and whiter,it has the added bonus of protecting your teeth from staining and from harmful acids that comes from the foods and drinks you love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire confidence.

We are driven by those who innovate, express themselves and are bold enough to share with the world.


We want to celebrate your style and empower you with the confidence to express your individuality. TINT loves the playful, outspoken, irreverent and bold individuals that love to create and experiment.


TINT is a fresh new concept. A tooth gloss that instantly boosts your smile. We deliver white right now. No waiting… No bank loans… No fear, Just fun!


Be the reason the World smiles more and make good things happen.



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